About Us

Management Team

Rock River Resources is a team of energy professionals, led by Jeff Beicker, Chief Executive Officer.  The team is managed by a team of energy professionals with years of experience in financing, building, operating and managing energy midstream and downstream assets.

Jeff Beicker

President & Chief Executive Officer

Ronald Chamness

Executive Vice President Business Development

Jason Brown

Vice President Crude Oil

Michael J. (Mick) Sambasile, P.E.

Civil Engineering & Project Management

Jordan Aaron


Board of Directors

Stephen Scott


James Stevens

Board Member

Jeff Beicker

President & Chief Executive Officer

Hank Diesel

Board of Directors

Ronald Chamness

Executive Vice President Business Development

Our Community

Community Involvement

Rock River Resources has had the support of the state and local community leaders who have worked closely with us to develop a safe and successful project that will benefit the community, the State of Utah and the region.

Rock River Resources is dedicated to being a good partner in the community and is working with local and regional neighbors, employees, producers, contractors/vendors, as well as crude and product marketers.

The project will bring a significant increase in the local property tax base, increased franchise/corporate tax income to the state and higher paying jobs with good benefits for area employees


Rock River Resources will create up to 300 jobs at peak construction and once completed up to 125 permanent jobs will be created with salary levels approximately 10% higher than current averages in the region.

We will begin hiring local construction workers by the 1st quarter of 2015 and will begin hiring operating employees in the 2nd quarter of 2015.

In addition to the direct jobs created by Rock River Resources, numerous indirect jobs in the region will be created to support the needs of the plant and its employees.

Economic Development

This facility will create an economic boost to an area that has lagged in economic development and is still recovering from the recession.